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Music Unites

Music Unites will receive a 20% donation

Our Story

See Where Your Money Is Going

Our Mission

Aliiez is a social impact enterprise. Our work is to provide funds to organizations that are committed to helping people and our planet – to empower those who seek to uplift and to bring change. Aliiez isn’t just a new store, it is part of a movement to create a new day in America.

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We will donate 15% of each sale to a non-profit of your choice. We have provided a list of approved non-profits. Most have been reviewed and scored by Charity Navigator, but some are not listed because they have don’t meet the criteria for review. An organization has to be in

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At the end of every month, we will publish a tally of all donations by organization. At the bottom of every page, you will find a running total of all of the contributions made through Aliiez which will also be updated monthly. Our pledge is to be transparent as to where your money goes.

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