ACLU Report: Immigrant Children

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In New York Harbor stands the Statue of Liberty. She raises her hand to illuminate the way for those coming to our shores. She stands blindfolded as a symbol of our welcoming hearts and sadly now a reminder of what once was. In this new and ugly day, we are separating families and losing track of immigrant children. The horror of what is happening has left many stunned. An outcry has arisen. Will anything change? Not likely. This administration has shown nothing but disgust for immigrants, even the smallest and most vulnerable.

Now more than ever facts matter. From the report:

Cruelty is both the means and the end. It’s the thread that runs through ICE’s strategy of instilling terror in immigrant communities, the Department of Homeland Security’s restrictive approach to refugees and asylum-seekers, the White House’s decision to rescind temporary protected status for hundreds of thousands of settled immigrants, Sessions’s decision to reopen 350,000 cases for potential deportation, and much more.


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