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The Unwitting Spy

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It has the markings of a great thriller, but it’s not fiction. Anthropologist Katherine Verdery’s memoir, My Life as a Spy: Investigations in a Secret Police File [...]

Maxine Waters Is Right

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Maxine Waters is right. We are living in a time of rage. Those that benefit from their white privilege are raging against change. They are inspiring the [...]

Where Is The Bernie Revolution?

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Bernie Sanders proclaimed he would remake the Democratic Party after his own 2016 loss to Hillary Clinton. To date his efforts have come up short. He has [...]

To Resist, Means To Deny Trump Supporters at Every Level

It is not hyperbole to suggest that we are now at a crossroads, one where we have to choose between our Democracy and anarchy. If the past weeks have not shown us that Trump supporters will continue to support him, no matter his lies, no matter his heartless policies and no matter what danger he puts this country in, then nothing ever will. To continue to attempt to change their point of view, to enlighten them, to try to make them see that he lies at every opportunity is a fool’s errand, it means that you too have lost perspective. It is imperative that we recognize that there is no hope for these Americans. They have always existed, but, until now, [...]

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Susan Sarandon Is No Progressive

In April of 2016, I wrote the following letter.  I updated it again in June of 2016. Now, as a reminder, I am once again pointing out how many, supposedly progressive, white people were completely willing to risk the lives of others for their purity politics. They did not learn from the catastrophic consequences of supporting a third party candidate in 2000; they conveniently forgot the thousands of people that lost their lives as a result. Instead, when their lord and leader Bernie Sanders lost, they did the unthinkable and urged people to support a third party candidate. Some even voted for Donald Trump. Susan Sarandon has always been a forceful political voice for the left. She claims she is a [...]

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