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White Parents, Black Children

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I am not unique. There are other white women who are mothers of Black children. Some are adopted, as are mine, others are biological. What we share [...]

New School: New Fears

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Each year when summer draws to an end and my four children prepare for the beginning of the school year, like many mothers who work from home, [...]

Does The GOP Have A Future?

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After Mitt Romney lost his Presidential election bid in 2012, the Republican National Committee released an election “autopsy report” which detailed what the party needed to do [...]

The Unwitting Spy

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It has the markings of a great thriller, but it’s not fiction. Anthropologist Katherine Verdery’s memoir, My Life as a Spy: Investigations in a Secret Police File [...]

Dems, Run On Impeachment!

For the past two years, Democrats have shied away from talking about impeachment. Although Trump arguably committed a number of impeachable offenses prior to even taking office, a common line of thinking was that if Democrats made impeachment part of their message, they would seem hysterical, acting in bad faith. Another thought was that talk of impeachment would energize the Republican base far more than the Democratic base, which would spell trouble for the mid-term elections. Now that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation has yielded the conviction of Paul Manafort and guilty pleas from Michael Cohen, Rick Gates, and Mike Flynn, the criminality of Trump and his inner circle is no longer in the realm of hypothetical's. And some prominent Democrats [...]

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The 2020 Democratic Primary Winner Will Be Determined By The South

There is quite a bit of talk about how the 2020 Democratic nomination will be all about candidates in the mold of Bernie Sanders. The narrative goes something like this: Bernie Sanders supposedly gained momentum from his 2016 primary loss to Hillary Clinton, and his national popularity now makes him the frontrunner for 2020. This narrative has become pervasive throughout political media, but there are a few big problems with it. First, popularity polls years out from the primary contest mean virtually nothing. After all, it was only five years ago when Hillary Clinton was named the most popular politician in the United States—with 61% of Americans approving of the former Secretary of State. The next problem with the Sanders 2020 [...]

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