Maxine Waters Is Right

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Maxine Waters Is Right

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Maxine Waters is right.

We are living in a time of rage. Those that benefit from their white privilege are raging against change. They are inspiring the ugly American to crawl from beneath their rocks and to spew racist, homophobic, xenophobic garbage. The powerful white men are making sure that their hold on our government and society is secure and immovable. Suspending truth, honor and justice has now become du riguer for Republicans. Yet, they are not alone in their push-back against voices that seek to remind us of the truth, of the unequal system that has terrorized marginalized groups. Even some Democrats have found that civility is more important than resisting the onslaught of lies and realities of the Trump regime. Maxine Waters call for us to make ‘them’ uncomfortable is a call to civil disobedience, not a call to violence.

Rebecca Traister, is a riveting and powerful writer who has, more than once, reminded us of the intricacies of institutionalized sexism and racism… This is another seminal piece that everyone who is “woke” should read. Do not be silent, do not be civil. Feel and express your anger in non-violent ways. It is an American tradition.

Rebecca Traister’s piece, Summer of Rage, New York Magazine’s The Cut

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