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This past year has been a time like no other. This nation has been rocked by an unprecedented level of uncertainty. Who we are, what we stand for and how we find our way forward as Americans is at a crossroads. Suddenly everything I had been doing as a woman, a mother, a wife, and an entrepreneur was no longer good enough.

I found I needed to find a way to be more joyful, loving – to find a way to engage that made a positive impact, that reminded me of our common humanity and what was good in the world and in our nation.

As a white woman, I knew that I would be far safer than most, far safer than my children and husband who are Black, far safer than Muslims, LGBTQ people, Jewish people, Veterans, immigrants and the disabled. I found myself moved to find a way to contribute to those that would be most affected.

Initially, I thought I needed to become more politically involved, to help create an organization of some kind.  I quickly realized that what I originally envisioned was too big, too broad and would take far more time, effort and money than I would be able to manifest in a short period of time.   I listened and watched as people talked about what the days ahead would bring. There were many who wanted to show that even though they weren’t in harm’s way they wanted to be clear that they were allies.  That desire beget the question how do we let people know that we are here? That we are allies?

Buttons, shirts, and hats let the world know where we stand. What we wear, what we adorn ourselves with can speak to who we are and what we stand for or against.

Aliiez.com (pronounced aliies) was created with that in mind. We launched with a signature line of jewelry by designers from all over the world, made in the United States, representing different issues including but not limited to women’s rights, Black lives matter, climate change, and LGBTQ. Not only will you have the opportunity to buy beautiful pieces that will represent causes close to your heart, you will be able to give to organizations that are doing good works.   A full 15% of the retail price goes to a non-profit of the buyer’s choice from a list that we provide of over 40 organizations, a list that will continue to grow.

As we grow Aliiez.com so will our product line and our reach to other non-profits. We intend to be a place for you to visit that allows you to feel good as you put people before profit, where you get to make a difference every time you shop.

Now we have launched Aliiez Lens, a place for progressive political voices. We will post brave, shoot-from the hip pieces that challenge us all to resist and to do so with the facts in hand. It is a place for under-served voices to speak.  We welcome honest and respectful dialog. At the end of the day this is all about being engaged, challenging the status quo and helping to smash the ignorance surrounding white privilege.



Jan Harrison

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