Recommended Reading: Ta-Nesihi Coates on Kanye West

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From The Atlantic:

Their have been voices that have defined generations, from Upton Sinclair to James Baldwin to John Updike to Pearl S. Buck to Truman Capote to Maya Angelou to Joan Didion. Now this generation can lay claim to Ta-Nehisi Coates, author and writer for The Atlantic. His recent essay, “Kanye West In The Age Of Donald Trump” is an extraordinary piece of writing. One that you will not likely forget.  JH

Here is just a taste,

There’s nothing original in this tale and there’s ample evidence, beyond West, that humans were not built to withstand the weight of celebrity. But for black artists who rise to the heights of Jackson and West, the weight is more, because they come from communities in desperate need of champions. Kurt Cobain’s death was a great tragedy for his legions of fans. Tupac’s was a tragedy for an entire people. When brilliant black artists fall down on the stage, they don’t fall down alone. The story of West “drugged out,” as he put it, reduced by the media glare to liposuction, is not merely about how he feels about his body. It was that drugged-out West who appeared in that gaudy lobby, dead-eyed and blonde-haired, and by his very presence endorsed the agenda of Donald Trump.

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