Senate Intelligence Committee: Russia Interfered

//Senate Intelligence Committee: Russia Interfered

Senate Intelligence Committee: Russia Interfered

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The Fourth of July has just passed; a day that we celebrate our declaration of independence from a monarchy and a system that provided no representation for the people from the colonies. Since that time, we have never encountered a serious threat from within, to all that we hold dear. We have elected people from both parties to be President of these United States, but it was not until the election of Donald Trump that we have found ourselves in a world where truth and the facts no longer matter.

This president has no relationship to his word and has no ability to comprehend the magnitude of his actions. His complete and utter denial of the fact that Russia deliberately and effectively sought to influence our election in 2016 is dangerous and borders on treason. The fact that most of the Republican Party is complicit in his denial and continues to allow him to spout his ludicrous drivel leaves us facing a perilous future.

Some Republicans spent their Fourth of July meeting with the Russians. Donald Trump plans to meet with President Putin alone, without aides in the coming weeks. Since when does the President of the United States, and representatives of a major party aid and abet the enemy?

The Senate Intelligence Committee has issued a bi-partisan report that concludes Russia did indeed deliberately attempt to influence our election in Trump’s favor. It is time to read this report and share it with everyone you know. We must resist and demand that the truth always matters.

-Jan Harrison

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