Face Oil

Face Oil



The oil on your face is your friend. ‘What?’ you say? Yes, indeed. All those products that talk about eliminating oil/oil-free/putting the smack down on oil are doing you no favors. When you attack the oil on your face, your face is like “wtf, I thought we were friends,” and then overcompensates trying to make things right. We all know the end of that story, and it ain’t pretty.

Think of Fat and the Moon’s Face Oil like your ambassador. As your ambassador, the face oil helps your skin re-negotiate its own oil production and achieve peace and harmony. Like with most things, the key is balance.

(Description is from Fatandthemoon.com)



– calendula* and burdock* infused apricot kernel oil*
– hemp seed oil*
– argan oil*
– jojoba oil*
– tamanu oil*
-rosehip seed oil*
– organic*

Size: 1 fl oz



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