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Susan Sarandon Is No Progressive

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In April of 2016, I wrote the following letter.  I updated it again in June of 2016. Now, as a reminder, I am once again pointing out how many, supposedly progressive, white people were completely willing to risk the lives of others for their purity politics. They did not learn from the catastrophic consequences of supporting a third party candidate in 2000; they conveniently forgot the thousands of people that lost their lives as a result. Instead, when their lord and leader Bernie Sanders lost, they did the unthinkable and urged people to support a third party candidate. Some even voted for Donald Trump.

Susan Sarandon has always been a forceful political voice for the left. She claims she is a progressive. She is not. No progressive would encourage a revolution that would knowingly cause harm to marginalized Americans.  Yet, she did just that.  Pathetically she now marches for the right of immigrants, not realizing that she and others like her are a large reason we find ourselves on the brink of the destruction of our democracy. The letter is a reminder that this was foreseeable. It is also a reminder that white privilege allows white people to put aside the realities of being a person of color, of being a Muslim, or a Jew, of being LGBTQ, or

From June 2016:

Susan Sarandon calls for a revolution from atop her perch in tony white Pound Ridge, New York.  A longtime activist, like Bernie Sanders, she said in an interview with Chris Hayes at MSNBC that, should Hillary Clinton be the nominee, rather than vote for her she might cast her vote for Donald Trump because he “will bring the revolution immediately.” One could assume that it is the same revolution she was looking for when she backed Ralph Nader over Al Gore in 2000.

In June of 2016 she said in an interview with The Young Turks that Hillary Clinton was more dangerous than Donald Trump was. 


Dear Susan,

Do you remember what were the consequences of supporting a third party candidate in 2000? We were lied to by Bush and his team about weapons of mass destruction being built in Iraq. We went to war over that lie.   A total of 4,491 American soldiers died in Iraq.  Approximately, 165,000 Iraqis died. The region became destabilized allowing the likes of ISIS and Al Qaeda backed groups to get a foothold.

Bush appointed a total of 325 judges during his presidency. Since then federal court rulings have helped to shut down abortion clinics throughout the nation.  He also appointed the last two Supreme Court justices, Roberts and Alito.

Did you forget about the long lasting implications of a “revolution” on the Supreme Court? The courts are where a woman’s right to choose will be fought.  I guess another thirty years or so will not matter to all the women, especially the women without means, who are impacted as long as you get your revolution. The rich will always have access to birth control and abortion. Your kids need not worry.

Have you paid attention to the fact that Donald Trump does not even understand what the nuclear triad is? And I am sure you are familiar with his misogyny, but the revolution is what is important, not the danger of an idiot with his finger on the trigger, not the continued spewing of stupidity and anti-women rhetoric by a President of the United States.

Trump has a penchant for violence as do his supporters.  He degrades immigrants and calls Blacklivesmatter a domestic terrorist group.

People may die in your revolution Susan and I am sure it will not be your children. But, it may be mine as I have two black daughters.

I am saddened and outraged by your willingness to put others at risk. Muslims will be banned and certainly discriminated against. Do you think their lives should be on the line for your revolution?  And what about the immigrants?  You remembered that your grandparents came from Italy escaping a war and you bemoan what is happening to Syrians. How does that fit into voting for Trump?  Many of the people coming from Central America are escaping horrendous violence, should we just let Trump try to build his wall?

I know very well that black people are already dying at the hands of our “justice” system. But we do not need to make it worse, in order to make it better.

The nation is not an alcoholic that has to hit rock bottom before it finds its way to a healthier life.  Many alcoholics hit rock bottom and never recover.

What sounds good in philosophical books often doesn’t translate when real people, real human lives are at risk. But, let’s not worry about that because the people who will be put at risk will not be any of your family members. They will belong to those families who have already been victimized by an unjust racist system.

I cannot imagine that Bernie Sanders would support your voting for Trump. I believe that he is an ethical man who cares about people. His call for a revolution is very different from a call to vote for Trump instead of Hillary Clinton. Should you and other voters who support Bernie not distinguish the difference between Trump and Clinton then you are no better than the people who are legitimately supporting Trump.

You are also clearly and cluelessly relying on your white privilege to see you through the revolution that you so greatly desire.

-Jan Harrison


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