To Resist, Means To Deny Trump Supporters at Every Level

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To Resist, Means To Deny Trump Supporters at Every Level

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It is not hyperbole to suggest that we are now at a crossroads, one where we have to choose between our Democracy and anarchy. If the past weeks have not shown us that Trump supporters will continue to support him, no matter his lies, no matter his heartless policies and no matter what danger he puts this country in, then nothing ever will. To continue to attempt to change their point of view, to enlighten them, to try to make them see that he lies at every opportunity is a fool’s errand, it means that you too have lost perspective.

It is imperative that we recognize that there is no hope for these Americans. They have always existed, but, until now, have been cowed by public reaction to their ugliness and racism.

Trump has given permission to them to betray this nation and to attempt, under the guise of making America great again, to do the opposite. His goal is nothing less than to make himself omnipotent, a carbon copy of Putin and Kim Jong-un.

Trump loves and responds to dictators. Jong-un is a brutal dictator who has killed thousands of North Koreans. Putin is a powerful, masterful manipulator of the truth who kills his opponents. These are the men that Trump admires. He has alienated our allies of many decades. He has undone agreements that help to save our environment, that have allowed us to monitor Iran’s nuclear programs that have helped millions of Americans to afford insurance. His greatest goal is to undo what President Obama did. His millions of minions applaud his every move.

For those that support him, they take comfort and revel in their ability to be racist, to be ugly, and to let the world know that they only care about themselves, their mostly white selves.

Education, be damned – that is for the elite, health insurance for all – let them die if they cannot afford it. Anyone who is brown or black doesn’t deserve to be safe to be respected to be valued. Being tough, lying, aggressive, unapologetic, a strong man is all. They don’t care that a foreign government deliberately influenced our elections because they got what they had always wanted; a man invested in being white, in being a king and not a president, oblivious to compassion and to all things they claim as “politically correct”.

That is their story, now it is time to look to ourselves, those of us who accommodate our friends and family who support him. To say that you don’t engage in conversations and ignore racist remarks, is not acceptable. It makes one complicit in this administration, and all the horrendous policies that it has created.

You say, “well, it’s my mother; it’s my sister; it’s a friend I have known since childhood, is no excuse.

Yes, it can be difficult to cut a family member or a friend off. I know. I am white and married to a Black man with Black daughters. Early on I, without a question, without a blink of an eye, cut family members off. I knew that my priority was my family; I knew that I would never countenance anyone who was a racist.

The day after Trump was elected, when people who I was acquainted with (not friends, for I do not have racists for friends) made it clear that they were happy that Trump had won, I deleted them from my life.

On social media I constantly encounter other white women who are anguished about dealing with their Trump supporting family and friends.  It is time that they, along with everyone who believes that Trump is a monster, capable of destroying our democracy, stand up.  Their difficulty in cutting off family members is nothing compared with the ripping apart of families, of putting children in cages. Many are losing their health insurance, and people will die from lack of coverage and medicine. He is destroying this nation, and the Republican Party is complicit. It isn’t about making America anything; it is purely about power.

To accommodate those that support him is no longer an option for anyone who truly understands the depravity of this president and of the current GOP. It is not an option for those that understand the crossroads we are at. For those that would argue, but they are a family member I only say that I have been there and done that. Cutting off family who have no ability to love and be compassionate to all Americans; who refuse to comprehend the danger to our very way of life is a hard choice for many. For those of us that have already made those kinds of choices, we have found peace in loving and compassion, knowing that we stood for what is good and right.

Our very nation is at stake. It will take us fighting on levels we never anticipated in order to save it. It is a time of a moral reckoning. Who will you be? Where will you stand? What will be your story when asked where were you in 2018?

-Jan Harrison

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